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Making The Most of Your Meat - CSA Share on a Budget

If you (like the rest of us) are concerned about rising prices, a CSA might be a good way to keep your finances in check. Since the price is the same every month (or week, depending on your program), it is easier to tracking your spending. Plus, with a meat CSA, a little can go a long way! Our Single Meat CSA Share can stretch to cover many family meals for a month - see below for details. A Double Share or Family Share goes even further! Plus, get even more savings when you sign up this month and use for 20% off your first share!

Single CSA Meat Share

This is an example of what you might find in a Single size Meat Share, plus recipes to show how to stretch your meat share to last all month! Our Monthly Meat Shares are totally customizable, so you can choose what proteins you want or don't want, or even choose specific cuts. If you want to economize your share, let us know and we will customize your share to get the most meat for your money.

This Single CSA Meat Share can make up to 52 servings! That is 13 servings a week, or 6.5 meals per week for a family of 2.

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