CSA Farm Share Program

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA's offer residents to have access to high quality, locally grown fresh product (and/or meat) from local or regional farmers. A "share" is purchased by "members" who visit the farm each week or so to pick up their "share" of that particular harvest. The items are bagged or boxed up ready for each pickup.

Generally they run from a set time frame during the year. When you become a member you purchase a "share" of the program. Pickup or deliveries vary from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and are often at several local convenient locations around your particular neighborhood.

Members pay upfront for their share for the entire season.

Take part in our 10 week CSA Meat Farm Share Program. Choose which meats and farm fresh foods you would like and the frequency of delivery or pick up. Break up into 5 local deliveries every other week or 3 monthly deliveries. This package is great for a single or couple!

September 4 - November 10, 2017 The CSA will remain open several weeks into the program. Don't hesitate to join any time!

Each week, enjoy 4-5 lbs of delicious, farm-raised, healthy meats and other farm fresh products delivered to your local pick up location or right to your home. Scroll down for lots more info! Customer benefits of the choosing the farm share? Enjoy a huge variety of delicious and healthy, farm fresh products delivered right to your local area or directly to your house. We offer a lot of flexibility in the ordering and products and we can customize if you prefer other options. Saves you time, money and trips to our farm without having to compromise the quality of your meats and other foods. Farm benefits of the choosing the farm share? With increasing costs in agriculture, the farm share option offers guaranteed sales to the farmer with less risk. Home Delivery Options If you live within 10 miles of any of our pick up locations, we can deliver directly to your home! Pick up & delivery options include:

2 x's per month (5 total) 1 x per month (3 total)

What is in a typical small farm share? If you choose all the options above, a typical share this size may include...

  • 1# ground buffalo

  • 1# buffalo hot dogs

  • 1 pkg beef steak tips

  • 1# ground beef

  • 1 pkg chicken thigh

  • 1 pkg pork chops

  • 1 pkg pork sausage

  • 1 pkg bacon

  • 2 dozen eggs

  • 1/2 gallon of milk & 1 butter, 1 yogurt, 1 cheese

  • 1 lb honey

  • 1 quart maple syrup

  • 1 lb coffee

  • 10 lbs pet food

Insulated Cooler You are provided an insulated bag for your meats (which will be sent to you frozen) and refrigerated products, so your products will stay cold for hours. What Happens If I Can't Pick Up Or Receive Delivery? If you need to skip a pick up or delivery cycle, we will make arrangements to provide you with your products on the previous week or provide it on the next delivery/pick-up day. Please be sure to email and communicate that with us. Email Reminder 2 days prior to your pick up or delivery date, you will receive an email reminder about dates and times of pick up and deliveries. Deliveries If you choose our delivery option, but will not be home to receive it, you can choose to leave a cooler out. Our products do come in an insulated bag which will keep it cool for 2-3 hours, but you many find a cooler will provide reassurance.

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